1.3 How I Know All This Stuff...

About My Journey:

My musical/career background:

  • Austin, TX Musician for 10 Years
  • indie-signed at age 19, released two albums and worked the Los Angeles music scene/industry in my early years
  • relocated to Austin in 2009
  • Went completely self-indie after 2011, started focusing my musical energy on the right genre for me
  • focused more on my brand and more on my fans
  • worked a bunch of side-jobs, but wanted to do something meaningful and productive
  • experimented early with FB Live and virtual tip jars with some success

My Streaming Journey Overview:

  • in mid-February 2018, I decided to give it a "college try" with consistent streaming
  • streamed daily at first, for two hours per stream, often twice a day (would not advise this in the current climate)
  • I kept detailed records throughout the experiment
  • I was careful to nurture relationships with viewers
  • "branded" the stream as "Crooner Coffee Hour," starting at 10 am, typically until noon unless viewership was low
  • decided to streamline to 1-2 hours of streaming per week, with a focus on engagement

The Format of My Stream:

  • "Crooner Coffee Hour" every Friday morning at 10:30 am CST (beginning Jan 1, 2019)
  • encourage viewers to share about themselves and their experiences
  • it's consistent, reliable, with a focus on serving THEM
  • I encourage requests based on a list that I provide for them
  • the requests boost engagement to "gate" open the stream algorithmically to more viewers
  • Best Practice Advisement: play original music as often and as much as possible (though covers might bring in more people)
  • cover songs *can* get your page flagged, restricted, or taken down - so proceed (re: covers) with caution

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