8.2 While You're Live

In this lesson, I walk you through my "routine" when I run my Friday show.

  1. have description and pinned comment customized/updated and ready
  2. ensure description provides a "preview" of the viewer experience
  3. when going live, set your city location
  4. tag any pages or places that are relevant
  5. start playing immediately
  6. first song: gather folks in, get it started
  7. between song 1 and 2, greet people, post pinned comment
  8. second song: use the music to encourage passersby to join
  9. encourage/ask for shares here
  10. review an external monitor (if you need) to keep track of comments and requests
  11. acknowledge as many people as you can, as quickly as you can
  12. if you know something about someone, show them you remember details about them
  13. keep things concise, minimize dead air time
  14. periodically introduce yourself to your viewers, let them know who you are, where you're streaming from, why you're streaming, what you're providing for them
  15. casual viewers will leave as the stream progresses, can get deeper later in the stream
  16. it's not as powerful to ask for shares after the first 20 minutes
  17. after giving viewers enough time to tip without mentioning it, you can suggest donations
  18. if viewership is low, feel free to kill the stream
  19. last call for requests after about an hour
  20. thank the viewers for their time and attention
  21. remind them of links/promotions, etc. (point them to description and pinned comment)
  22. tell them they can "follow" you to see your going Live notifications
  23. play them a goodbye song
  24. thank them again, and remind them how they can watch you live again

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