10.1 Gain Career Capital

You've got tons of free time now, probably...

Maybe you're thinking that with all this "spare time," you could hustle by livestreaming a lot.

You could, I suppose. But if you'll remember my story about how I was able to earn similar amounts through a "less-is-more" strategy, you might consider using some of this time to level-up your "Career Capital."

In Cal Newport's book "So Good They Can't Ignore You," the author makes an excellent case for hunkering down and putting focused effort into improving your skills. By doing this diligently with enough focus and practice, you can eventually land a dream role that suits your lifestyle desires and career goals.

This is the moment we've all been waiting for, to stop rushing around like maniacs taking every $50 gig that comes our way and strategize how we do things...

Now is probably a perfect opportunity for some of us to:

  • master Adobe Creative Suite
  • learn a new DAW
  • become an Excel wizard
  • pick up a new instrument
  • expand your marketing knowledge

We'll also have time to tick off some of these types of "to-do"s:

  • build or update our website(s)
  • create a song catalog of original material, or material we perform
  • start a Patreon membership (or another subscription model)
  • set up a custom domain for your music
  • build out our mailing list system
  • email your fans to ask them how they are doing and if there's anything you can do for them
  • create or upgrade our webstore
  • record some new music
  • practice our current instruments
  • increase our music theory knowledge, or facility
  • dive into some music history
  • listen to new stuff
  • come up with a social media content calendar
  • design some print-on-demand items
  • batch-record videos for YouTube, FB, Instagram
  • build out a paperless filing system
  • work on financial reporting, or filing taxes
  • brainstorm and then implement new income streams
  • come up with a brand style guide (color palette, fonts, logos)
  • finetune all your social media assets
  • inventory your merchandise
  • set up or re-up your DBA, LLC, PO Box, and other business assets

If you're anything like me, I consistently have TONS of projects I'd like to work on (or complete!) but never quite the time to tackle them all.

I'm always telling my poor-old diary that I wish I could just get some rest and CATCH UP.

This is a mindboggling (albeit slightly terrifying) opportunity for some serious production if used wisely...

Silver lining, yeah?

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