2.3 What is your "Why?"

Here's the big question I beg you to ask yourself...

What is YOUR "why," and how does streaming live fit into it (in the long-term)?

I know we all vomit into our mouths a little bit when someone asks us about our 5-year-plan, but without a concrete goal to work toward, we won't know when we've achieved it!

Now that you've thought about your brand, your audience, what you want to do with yourself in the name of service to others, how might streaming live support that vision?

Are your music-business goals SMART?






How are you going to support your audience in this time of need?

Will you be there when the money's not there?

When things go back to "normal," will you still focus on establishing that goodwill, on being present for them online?

How can you make streaming live work for you and your music goals in the future?

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