4.1 Platform Options: Pros and Cons

Before committing to the first platform you want to try, it's wise to take stock of:

  • how familiar you already are with the platform
  • where you've already spent time nurturing an audience
  • where your demographic is most likely to hang out
  • what format the experience you're planning to deliver will work best
  • what your interests are (as well as the interests of your audience)
  • how much time you want to invest in the tech

Then weigh out the pros and cons of each.

I use Facebook Live for tons of reasons.

I'll outline the Pros and Cons of FB in the next lesson.

Here are some of my thoughts and insights based on experimenting with a ton of stuff over the years.

Platform Pros and Cons:

Twitch Cons:

  • a lot of tech (most likely)
  • long-game, people not as likely to tip as easily
  • more trolls

Twitch Pros:

  • a lot of cold traffic
  • a lot of options when it comes to customizing the stream experience
  • can use your phone, or broadcasting software

Periscope Cons:

  • vertical-only
  • phone only
  • long-game, people not as likely to tip easily
  • more trolls

Periscope Pros:

  • connected to your Twitter account (great if you use it regularly)
  • a lot of cold traffic
  • viewers can share streams

Conducting a Virtual Show through StageIt, Zoom, etc.:


  • little to no cold traffic
  • set-donations might keep people from watching
  • ... or conversely, set the donation level expectation too "low."
  • no shareability
  • an extra step to sign up for the service or otherwise attend on that different platform


  • direct link to your fans/list
  • no subscription to a specific social platform necessary
  • can set a particular donation amount if you like

YouTube Live Cons:

  • little to no cold traffic, most likely
  • people not as likely to tip as easily
  • little to no shareability

YouTube Pros:

  • Great if you have a following there
  • could embed onto another site or protect behind a payment gateway or private link

Instagram Live Cons:

  • vertical only
  • phone only
  • difficult to direct action-taking (tips, link visits)
  • 1-hour limit to live streams
  • live streams disappear after 24 hours
  • no shareability

Instagram Live Pros:

  • possibly good engagement, "trendier."
  • engaged viewers could be retargeted in future ad campaigns (if you have it connected to your FB Page)
  • can split-screen with another account w/o the use of OBS

Here are some people in my awareness that do well with some of these:





Facebook Live:


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