5.4 General Helpful Tips

General Help and Tips (Particularly in Facebook Live):

  • don't wait to start; it will kill your views (especially replay views)
  • the success of the first 6-10 minutes of your stream will determine how successful the whole stream will be
  • suggest share actions at the beginning of the stream (not so helpful later in the stream)
  • most people will hop in for 10 seconds or less, and not turn the sound on
  • casual viewers will typically watch only 30-90 seconds (one song max)
  • limit "dead air" time, or time where you are not in view
  • avoid slow songs for the first part of the stream
  • if you have low viewership, maintain enthusiasm and energy anyway
  • engage with anyone you see enter the stream as soon as possible
  • around 5:20 I talk about how viewers can interact with the mobile stream on their devices
  • people will complain about a lot of stuff; most tech issues are on their end (user error)
  • the longer the stream goes, the more you can talk and engage the audience with more in-depth topics (the people that are remaining toward the end of your stream are real fans or at least are very interested in what you're doing, so it's less likely that that would drive them away)

Song 1: Filter-in song

Song 2: Get people excited and engaged (hearts, likes, shares, comments)

If you can...

  • have a monitor available to send links and check any tech issues that might come up
  • share to your personal profile early in the stream (if it's easy to do so without dead air time)
  • have a friend or fan on standby to engage with your stream and share within the first few minutes

Special things you could occasionally try to increase engagement or garner more tips...

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