1.2 Don't Jump the Gun! (Please?)

This guide is not a super-nitty-gritty guide when it comes to tech.

I know that you are all super-savvy, smart cookies, and as indie musicians in this wild-west-style landscape of the current music industry, we're always being challenged to "figure things out."

You know what works best for your brand. You know how to represent your band best.

(Though I will prod you into thinking outside the box on that.)

A lot of you are engineers to some extent and know how to record yourselves.

If there are holes in your knowledge, a quick google search will likely provide everything you need to know, and more.

While I'm certainly here to help give you a little bit of guidance when it comes to the tech, some of you will be way more knowledgeable than I will ever be in that department, and there are tons of free resources all over the internet about how to set up a stream that looks and sounds great.

Still, I hope you'll hear me out about some of my insights when it comes to streaming live, and things you should keep in mind, not only in regards to the tech but how it serves us in the long-run (by serving our listeners!).

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