5.1 What Kind of Experience Are You Providing?

In this quick video, I ask you: what kind of experience are you trying to provide during your show?

For Crooner Coffee Hour (my show), I've always liked the idea of simulating a salon where people can enjoy art, discuss ideas, listen to some (mostly) old music, and share a favorite beverage.

Keeping this fundamental concept in mind has helped me cultivate that environment and energy for my show. Not only does it better attract the people most likely to enjoy it, but my regular viewers come to expect and rely on that experience, which makes them want to return.

Something else I think you may want to consider: based on my experiences and observations of others, a lot of successful livestreamers are capitalizing on the intimacy and informality of the format.

Depending on your brand and the style of music you do, it may not benefit you to try to recreate a live "club show" with lots of mics and lighting and high tech gear.

Maybe it will, but that's something you'll have to decide (hopefully after you've tested out a few options). 

I see many successful cases using simple tech where the format focuses on connection and not so much on the bells and whistles.

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