8.3 Post-'Cast Tasks

In this lesson, I show you my Post-Stream routine.

I make any changes I want on the video I just created with my live stream in Facebook, then I collect all the relevant data and put it into my "Show Sheet" (and spreadsheet that I maintain of my FB Live data).

There's a screen recording of how I go through the Facebook and Airtable tasks.


  • change thumbnail and update/customize video description
  • gather key metrics like shares, views, and total $ earned
  • I enter those numbers into a special sheet for my records, and then a spreadsheet I maintain in Airtable
  • I follow up with every person that tipped me during the stream with a personal thank-you
  • sometimes, if I have the time, I will go through all the comments in the stream and like/reply where it makes sense
  • sometimes, if the stream was successful, I'll do a gentle "boosted post" to my warm audiences in FB Ads Manager

While I forgot to mention it in this video, there is one other "hack" that I consistently perform after I stream, or post any other content on Facebook...

When I make a post, I can see how many people have engaged with the post, directly underneath it, in numbers. Here you'll see it's above the "like" icon.

If I click on that number, it will open a dialog box that looks like this:

This gives me a great piece of information about someone who has engaged with my post - whether they "Like" my Page or not!

Not only that, but it allows me to "invite" them to like my Page.

After each stream or other post, I go through and click "invite" next to all the names where it is available.

That helps increase your Page likes since we know they already are aware of you, enjoy your content, and have engaged with your content. Inviting them is an easy way to get them back into your world. Doing this regularly will likely increase your organic engagement.


Here's an example of a partially-completed "Show Sheet."

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