5.3 Descriptions and Links

In Lesson 3.3, I discuss in more detail "Things You Should Set Up," and some of those items were templates for your descriptions and pinned comments should you decide to utilize a platform that includes fields for that. (Included the text from that lesson here as well just for good measure.)

My recommendation for FB Live Video Descriptions:

  • Brand your stream clearly with a "sticky" title and maybe some related emoji.
  • Give people an idea as to what they should expect if they watch your stream.
  • Entice them into stopping the scroll and turning on the sound
  • the description is also an excellent place to encourage certain behaviors, like what to comment, that they should share, how to tip, or how to place requests
  • helps "train" them to know what to do during your show
  • include a "call to action"
  • Are there links you think people might ask for a lot, or is there somewhere specific you'd like to direct folks?
  • After establishing the above, include promotional links and donation options.
  • Your description can be longer, as my example further down, or short like this:

🎸Wine Down Wednesday 🍷
Happy Hour of Original Music
SHARE if you ❤️it!
TIP JAR: http://paypal.me/yourband
FREE ALBUM: yourbandname.com/optin

Stream Description/Pinned Comment Templates:

Create templates for your description so that you don't have to create them from scratch each time.*

Emojis are useful to include as they create what we call "pattern interrupt."

We want to "stop the scroll," and the unusual colors and symbols will attract the eye.

At the bottom, list all the links and other information you like, so that if they want more information, they can get it. The description also provides an area where you can direct folks to more information throughout your stream.

If you're using Facebook, create a "pinned comment" template as well.

Here's what my most recent (3/20/20) Description looked like:

☕️ 💕 Crooner Coffee Hour! 💕 ☕️

Here for our regular Friday morning date ❣️ 
Singing original tunes, standards, and taking your requests while we share a cup of coffee (or two). 🎶

📃 Here’s a list of songs I know ⬇️
🤍 bit.ly/lexreqlist
🤍 visit the link, take your pick and drop into the comments ❤️

For today only, Bandcamp is waiving its revenue shares to help support artists while they face financial difficulty. If you’d like to support me easily and get some music in return, you can check it out here: lexland.bandcamp.com

Virtual Tip Jar: http://paypal.me/lexland
Free music download: lexlandmusic.com/free

Here's what my pinned comment template currently looks like:


*TextExpander is an app I use for this purpose, and also for tons of other things because it's just so damned handy. It will expand a shortcode of your creation (in my case "xcch" and "xpin") wherever you type in that "code," on mobile or desktop (the app syncs your codes - or "snippets" - between all your devices where you have the app installed).

Most mobile devices have something similar to this natively within keyboard settings (iOSAndroid), though the features are, of course, not as robust as a whole dedicated app.

You could always copy/paste from a note or other document as well. However you decide to do it, your life will be a lot easier when you don't have to type out your description and pinned comments from scratch each time.

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