5.2 Scheduling and Themes

Now that you've thought about what experience you want to provide, we can take it a step further -

What time of day will this take place?

What day of the week will this take place (if recurring, which I do recommend)?

When are people in your musical or social circle streaming? If they have a regular time and your viewers might skip yours to view theirs and vice versa, then maybe it would be wise to consider a different time so we can spread the love all around.

Are there any themes you'd like to explore?

Some that I've done in the past:

Writer's Wednesday - original songs only

Throwback Thursday - songs from a particular decade (1920s, 1980s, etc.)

Friendship Friday - songs with a friend (back when you could split-screen on FB, but maybe you could play your friends' songs?)

Happy Hour (with wine or cocktails)

Coffee Hour

Virtual Jazz Brunch

Virtual Gospel Brunch

Christmas in June (Christmas Songs on June 25)

Patriotic and Protest Songs (on national holidays like the Fourth of July, etc.)

All "dark" songs for October

Love songs for February

Now brainstorm some ideas of your own!

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