3.1 A Careful Consideration of Your "Why" When It Comes to Streaming

Let's be intentional about this, y'all...

In this period of desperation, I know streaming live for Venmo tips seems like a great idea.

In truth, while it's not wholly a bad idea, I'll foretell here that we may want to get wise about how we go about doing this so that we don't ruin it for everyone as the days and weeks progress.

My recommendation:

Come up with a strategy that fits your audience and your goals.

Earn what you need if you can (maybe don't strive for more, just for now), but be careful not to keep "taking" without "giving" in return.

Make whatever streaming you do IMPACTFUL for your audience while furthering your personal goals for your music career.

I don't consider busking or working for tips "begging." Still, I fear that how we handle our current predicament may lead the general public to distaste and distrust if we are not careful, courteous, gracious, and self-aware (individually as well as collectively).

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