4.3 A Note on Multistreaming

While I've always been interested in trying, I have never quite gotten around to multistreaming.

If you're sitting there thinking, "Well, I am cleverer- I will stream to ALL the places!" you should slow down...

My advice would be to pick one and get used to how people use the app and engage with content on it so you can learn the ins and outs before moving on to another. You'll already be juggling a lot of thoughts and tasks using one platform, and I doubt you'll want to overwhelm yourself right out of the gate.

Facebook doesn't like it when you stream content there AND somewhere else... they want whatever you broadcast there to be exclusive to their users. I've heard that Facebook might decrease the visibility of your stream natively if it "knows" you're using a multistreaming service. I can't speak to the validity of that statement, but food for thought if taken with a grain of salt.

It is possible to "multistream" to different platforms (primarily through third party services and with the use of broadcasting software, which I'll discuss in a future lesson).

Some multistreaming third-party platforms I have heard of that you could check out:



To my knowledge, it is not currently possible to stream to Instagram Live using any other method except your phone, because IG Live does not support RTMP/RTMPS stream publishing.

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