9.1 A Case for Streaming... Responsibly?

While I would never dream of dictating how someone else should conduct themselves, I've made a few decisions for myself already about how I can "stream responsibly" while so many of my peers are struggling and trying out livestreaming to stave off financial ruin.

My strategy in the past has been to generate as many more customers as possible so that I can create a new album which I desperately, desperately need in order to prove that I am still active and current. (My last album came out in 2011, despite that I am still as active as I ever have been.) However, now that this crisis has befallen us, my priorities have changed.

Until I can see some resolution in the distance, I will be minimizing my expenses as much as I can, livestreaming only during my regular time (for the most part, for now), and only seeking to earn what I need to survive, and not more. Should I receive more than that, I intend to donate that to another service industry colleague, organization, artist fund, or venue-in-need.

In this video, I share my feelings on it with you and challenge you to consider how you might do your part in uplifting your community. My faith principles dictate that I should not subject my thinking to a scarcity mindset - while I'm spiritually conflicted about this stance to some degree, I also want to be useful and helpful for those around me where I can. I think there's enough out there for all of us to survive, if not prosper... but I think we can get there sooner and more happily if we can unify in our camaraderie as artists.

It's also important to consider the circumstances and resources of our listeners as well, as it might not benefit them to overextend their generosity at the moment, as resources may become more scarce in the weeks and months to come...

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