6.3 Lighting and Positioning

The live stream experience for the viewer is very visual.

So unless the audio set-up you're currently working with is truly terrible, I would recommend upgrading the visual elements first using lighting, positioning, backdrop improvement, and camera considerations.

  • try streaming outside
  • try streaming in front of a window
  • clean your damned room! :P
  • get creative with your backdrop if you can
  • upgrade your lighting with ring lights or studio lights
  • turn off that terrible yellow-y overhead light and figure out something else
  • mount/position your phone or camera in a way that makes you look good
  • a great view for the audience of your face and hands is beneficial (bonus: if you're using OBS and have more than one camera angle at your disposal, maybe you can have a hand view if you're a piano or guitar player, etc.)
  • the visual element might be the thing that gets viewers into the stream, or what keeps them there

Things I have used and/or still use that were helpful for me:

An inexpensive set of studio lights

Guitar leg-riser

Guitar Footrest

Free-Standing Phone Mount (Mic Stand Style)

Tablet Stand

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