2.1 What is the Purpose of Social Media?

To make good moral (as well as business) decisions while you take your next steps, I posit some thoughts about "intentionality" in regards to what we do on Social Media, particularly now in this time of need for many.

Social Media is...

  • a way to be consistently and continuously present to those who are already aware of us
  • sometimes a way to get "exposure" in front of cold traffic* very inexpensively, or for free
  • most importantly, a way to establish trust and intimacy with supporters or potential supporters
  • a way to provide value (in myriad ways, not just livestreaming) to people all over the world
  • a way to gather communities around core values and ideas
  • a method for people to get to know us and trust us more intimately as artists and content creators
  • an avenue to build and establish relationships with other musicians, communities, and listeners

Some guidelines I recommend:

  • provide value, then gently suggest/request financial compensation
  • after receiving compensation, don't forget to re-fill the well with value again!
  • rinse and repeat, so everyone feels good about what they're bringing to the table
  • ask about them!

Key things to consider right now:

  • everyone is struggling (musicians, as well as listeners, are likely being hit)
  • some may have expendable income NOW, but won't later (tips will dip, most likely)
  • there probably isn't an endless supply of expendable income for those who currently have it
  • how will you provide value for your listeners if/when there is no promise of receiving financial compensation?

Someone I know who is just absolutely killing it with Social Media engagement (caring about fans, asking thoughtful questions, consistent and reliable, "omnipresent"):

Rebecca Loebe

*by "cold traffic," I'm referring to audience "temperature:" cold = no awareness of your existence, warm = some awareness ... people are warmed into taking specific actions, or "conversions." People who are very warm to you might already be on your email list, but have never purchased anything from you before. Still, they are the most likely candidates to support you financially in some way, so we would call those "warm leads."

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